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Company profile

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  Jinan Xinlei Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.is specialized in making granite precision measuring tools and granite mechanical components, centralizes development,producing,and selling into an organic whole,And xinlei has gained ISO9001 Certification.
  Xinlei company is located at the foot of “Jinan Black” granite mine, the mineral resources are abundant and the resource condition is unique. The company is well found in machining equipment and equipped with such advanced testing instruments as electronic level and laser interferometer so as to realize the computer data processing. Moreover,it has a lot of excellent employees with high quality.
  Our main products include:granite surface plates, straight edges, angle squares, square master,V-blocks, parallel ruler, and mechanical components of precision instruments such as work-tables and guides. We can also perform different type processing such as drilling, grooving and gluing metal inserts in the work-tables and guide rail . 
  We produce and inspect our products in exact accordance with the standard of stone plates GB / T 20428-2006 and the Verification Regulation of plates JJG  117-2013 and can offer the different granite measuring implements which are produced as per the different national standards, the granite mechanical components, as well as the assembly and adjustment of the main machine.
  Our consummate management system, reliable quality ensuring system and advanced technology and equipment, bring our product very high reputation within China and abroad. Excellent Management, Excellent Quality, Excellent Staff, Excellent Service"is our quality spirit.

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